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Переклад слова “TROUSERS” з англійської

Опубликовано: 25.02.2020

Переклад слова “TROUSERS” з англійської

Запропонована тема Shopping дається з перекладом на російську. Вчителі часто задають твір з англійської на тему шопінг, даний топік допоможе впоратися з цим завданням. Топік на тему шопінг, запропонований нижче – не складний, хоча і довгий. Дане твір про похід у магазин буде корисним для учнів 6-11 класів, на сайте www.m-translate.com.ua. Його можна використовувати для складання власного усного висловлювання на тему «Магазини. Похід по магазинах».

Топік шопінг підійде для рівня intermediate.

Тема SHOPPING по-англійськи.

Shopping is an opportunity to buy everything what we need, from food to clothes. When we do the shopping we get to know a lot of information about different goods, their prices, quality. We learn to choose products, to spend money rationally. Someone will say that shopping is an original way of spending free time. Someone will say that it’ s a forced waste of money. Today, shopping is a means of our existence and living.

It’ s a so called exchange of money for any kinds of goods (from pins to vehicles). Thus, if you want to live in this world shopping is a real necessity for you. Everyone does the shopping: from the poor to a millionaire.

By the way, shopping is a great entertainment too. If you want to relax, shopping is for you. Many girls enjoy shopping and spend the whole day visiting shops and buying things. For them the process of shopping is more important than purchasing. While shopping we talk, with, other people get experience, get to know many interesting things. But, of course, shopping depends not only on our mood but on our money, too. If you have a lot of money -you can choose what you want if you don’ t have — you are to be very economical and buy only the things which are essential.

Nowadays there are different ways of shopping. Years ago people went to the shops and bought everything they needed. With the development of progress shopping began to change and now you can purchase things on the Internet. To attract customers shops provide various services: home free delivery and installation of some gadgets, money back guarantee, buy and win coupons, repair services. They sell their goods on credit and what not. How винахідницький people may be in their thirst to get to somebody else’ s money!