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How to use sear terms effectively

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

How to use sear terms effectively

How to use sear terms effectively

1. What is the difference between bytes and aracters?

The Sear Terms field in Seller Central has a built-in byte counter that prevents you from entering more text when the specified limit is reaed in bytes instead of aracters because some sear terms contain byte aracters, how to add keywords to amazon listing. more than one byte.

The bytes have a 1:1 correspondence with an alphanumeric aracter (for exame, a-z, A-Z, and 0-9). The length varies for more comex aracters, su as the umlaut (for exame, "ü"), whi can be two bytes per aracter. Other comex aracters, su as Japanese and Chinese, can be three or four bytes long. In some cases, sear terms can contain both single-byte and multi-byte aracters, making aracter count prediction comex.

2. Do spaces and punctuation count?

Yes, Amazon sear counts spaces and punctuation marks.

3. Why is there only one sear term field?

The sear terms field has been reduced from five fields to one to improve sear results on Amazon. Previously you could add up to 5,000 bytes of sear terms, but many irrelevant terms were generated. The current reduced fee helps sellers use only relevant terms to describe specific products.

4. Where have the sear terms from the four removed fields gone?

To facilitate this ange, the content of all sear term fields has been combined into the first field. We asked sellers to click "Save and Finish" to reace existing content with new content within the limit. At that point, you were given the opportunity to modify the content before clicking Save. Once this was done, the rest of the content was removed.

5. What happens if I leave sear terms that exceed the limit?

If the sear terms exceed the limit, Amazon sear will not index any of the terms in that ASIN. If the ASIN is not indexed, there will be no way for it to appear in the available sear results for those sear terms.

6. How can I update the sear terms of my ASINs in bulk?

If you have the Category Listings Report option enabled in the Inventory tab of your Seller Central account, you can download a spreadsheet of all your listings. If it's not turned on, you can ask Selling Partner Support to turn it on. Once you've downloaded your current listings, you can use an inventory file temate to make bulk anges using the "Partial Update" feature.

7. Why aren't some of my sear terms working?

Amazon determines the relevance of sear terms using a maine learning model. The terms we consider relevant may ange over time, as Amazon's maine learning model continuously collects data. This process is automatic and Amazon reserves the right not to use all the keywords provided for the product sear.