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They offer work at Amazon, but it's a WhatsApp scam

Published: 16.06.2022

They offer work at Amazon, but it's a WhatsApp scam

Wat out! They offer work at Amazon, but it's a WhatsApp scam

Did you receive a message on WhatsApp in whi they offered you a job with a 'juicy' salary? Be careful! You could be a victim of a cybercrime. At Unotv.com we tell you what this scam is all about and what you should do, does amazon have part time work from home jobs.

A few days ago, Miriam received a coue of messages from different numbers via WhatsApp in whi They offered him a job at Amazon with a salary of between 20 and 80 thousand pesos monthly s; however, it was a fake message sent by cybercriminals.

Messages received by WhatsApp where the victim was offered a job. | Photo: Uno TV.

According to the Cybernetic Police of the City de México,these types of messages can have various criminal purposes, su as fraud, data theft or the installation of a virus.

“Since it is a job offer, peoe are likely to enter their personal data,” say the experts, who point out that it is possible that by having the information of the victim, Cybercriminals proceed to commit other types of crimes su as telephone extortion or identity theft.

What to do when receiving messages where they offer work via WhatsApp?

Faced with this type of false messages on WhatsApp, the authorities suggest:

  • Do not open any links
  • Do not contact the number of the sender of the message
  • Block and report the phone number from the WhatsApp apication
  • Communicate and report the numbers to the Cyber ​​Police

To report this type of case, the Cyber ​​Police of Mexico City makes the following means of contact available to the population:

Another option to report these phone numbers is through the Citizen Council’s “No + Extortions” app, whi is available for Android and iOS,whi, in addition, identifies if it is an unwanted incoming extortion call and blocks it immediately,without the user knowing that said call was done.

This is thanks to the fact that the apication is fed with a database of more than 100,000 telephone numbers registered with the Citizen Council for Security and Justice of Mexico City.

In the “No + Extortions” App you can report this and other types of scams. | Photo: Play Store.

Scams via WhatsApp

This type of WhatsApp scams are not new : journalistic records have reported cases in whi "jobs are offered with attractive salaries" or "prizes from important companies”, at least since 2018.

One of the latest hoaxes recorded on WhatsApp is the one that ensures that you can win a car from the Toyota or Volkswagen brands, reported ESET, a company dedicated to cybersecurity.

To fall for the scam, the victim has to answer a series of surveys and forward the message to several contacts, but they will only end up with a text message service arge without realizing it, experts said.