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What do digital marketers do and how mu do they earn?

Published: 16.06.2022

What do digital marketers do and how mu do they earn?

What do digital marketers do and how mu do they earn?

In the tenology sector, e-commerce is expected to continue growing after taking off in 2020, due to the restrictions created by the pandemic. According to the study "The future of retail", prepared by the market resear company Euromonitor International for Google, in 2020 online sales grew by 39% in Argentina —measured in billing in dollars— and are expected to increase by 56 % by 2025, how much do digital marketing agencies make.

Digital activity continues on an upward curve and in the same proportion jobs linked to the online world. According to edte Digital House,the specialists in digital marketing are extremely necessary in organizations because they are the ones who have the essential skills to connect with Internet users and convert them into customers. These specialists are able to "observe their needs and think, based on that, on how to offer a value proposition through products and services," they detail.

The analysis of campaign metrics is what differentiates a digital marketing professional from others from the traditional sool. "In this way, companies can know the real impact of the actions carried out and how they influence different aspects su as sales and brand positioning, to mention just a few", they add from Digital House, a company present throughout the region.

These professionals are required to know about topics that are heard more and more among those who are unaware of the advertising world. For exame, on inbound marketing (provides relevant and interesting content for Internet users), digital content, competitor analysis, social network management, SEO positioning, website optimization, emailing, analysis of graphic reports and influencer hiring, among others.

All these activities, being cometely digital, can be carried out from anywhere, whi makes it possible to obtain emoyment without border limits. You can see the number of remote job seares on the main job sear portals. With a laptop, phone, and good connectivity, work can be done wherever you like.

The work of a specialist in digital marketing pays very well for the time it takes to train. For exame, Digital House offers intensive courses at a distance, whi provide comprehensive training in all digital tools and atforms to perform in the world of work.

Average salaries in Argentina and the world

As for the average salary in Argentina, it is currently 129,225 pesos per month, according to data from Glassdoor.

In Europe, income varies by country. It can be €46,950 per year in Germany and €34,706 in Spain. While in the United States the amount is higher. They usually earn about $61,197 a year, according to the atform Indeed.

In Chile they have average salaries of 600,000 Chilean pesos per month (727 dollars approximately), based on what the atform states Talent and in Colombia,the same source indicates that a floor base of 1.2 million Colombian pesos per month (300 dollars), although those with better salaries can receive up to 3 million Colombian pesos per month (about 750 dollars).

From Digital House they say that there is a profile of peoe who work in this area. “Those who usually dedicate themselves to marketing digital are creative, analytical, curious and have the ability to adapt to ange. This last point is due to the fact that in this disciine new tools and trends emerge all the time. It is also important to have empathy to understand the consumer, know how to work as a team and have communication skills.”

With its short-term and distance courses, Digital House proposes to its students to "learn by doing and just like working in companies". To learn more, you can enter here.