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What is a film production and what are its stages?

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

What is a film production and what are its stages?

What is a film production and what are its stages?

We call film production or shooting the process that includes the creation of a film, from the idea until the filming. Many times we see in the news how these start with headlines like "One of the largest film productions" in history, what does a social media director film marketing agency do. Behind that headline there is a great effort, dedication, money, coordination, etc. detailed in stages.

Stages of film production

They can be defined at the following points or times:


It is one of the moments, if not the most, the most difficult of all the stages. It consists of documenting, obtaining financing, looking for possible recording sites, key scenarios, writing a small script that serves as a roadmap, etc. After having everything clear, we must know what audience we are targeting supported by a marketing an.


Based on the development phase, this consists of starting to make the idea a reality. For this, a casting is done to hire the necessary actors/actresses, secondary actors, a recording set is set. At this stage of film production we must already have all the permits to record in the areas that we defined in the development stage. In the pre-production team, at least these types of positions usually appear:

  • Storyboard Artist
  • Director and assistant director
  • Producer
  • Costume Coordinator
  • Casting Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Sound tenician.


Here we begin to film and put into action all the elements that were coordinated in previous stages. It is where the most work is done, since there are many false shots, shots that can be used in the post-production stage, etc. It is the part that adds the most value to a film production.


Once you have the raw work, the editing or the post-production of the shooting comes into action. Scenes are edited by adding music, dialogues, special image and sound effects, color/image distortion, etc. are edited. You can see what we do in our post-production section (or as we say: 'post').


Once we have the project debugged and finished, it is time to laun it to the target that was defined at the beginning. It is usually consumed in theaters or on-demand streaming annels su as Netflix, HBO, etc.

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