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What do i need to start a social media marketing agency

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

what do i need to start a social media marketing agency

A large part of the budget of your company's social media strategy should be allocated to the human talent that directs the strategy, generates the content, executes the activities and interacts with the public. However, not all businesses are created equal, and specifically, when budgeting for creating and running a social media marketing campaign, you can start with very different amounts, what do i need to start a social media marketing agency. So even though a strong networking strategy involves many different roles and skills, they often end up falling to just one or two peoe. In our experience we know that even with a small social media team good results can be aieved; but this imies knowing how to prioritize activities very well and being very strategic with everything that is done.

If your company has a limited budget, but you are clear about the benefits of being in the world of social networks (Read: Why use social networks in your company ), you must develop a roadmap of what your social media team will look like and how it will evolve over time. For this, the first thing is to prioritize activities and functions according to the main objectives for whi you are developing this strategy; start by covering the functions that directly affect the aievement of the objectives, and an how you are going to fill the other support and support functions in the future. It is also important that you determine a realistic scope of your project, knowing that it is not possible to obtain everything in a short time with a very low investment, so it is again important that you visualize your project in different stages.

Next, we share with you a list of the profiles or roles that a comete social media team should have.

Strategy: ans and monitors the entire project on a large scale. It makes decisions about the different annels used, the general guidelines of the project and is responsible for aieving the main objectives of the strategy.

Project manager: responsible for ensuring that the different activities of the project are executed as anned. Responsible for dates, budget, comiance, etc.

Community manager: Manages the day-to-day of the different social network profiles, must be attentive to mentions of the brand, comments and messages received to attend to them or resolve them in the best way. It is in arge of publications and monitoring other accounts of interest su as clients, competitors, industry leaders, influencers and more.

Contents: Plan and generate your own content for publication on social networks (short, high-impact, attractive, and consistent with the brand)

Designer: Makes the content more visually striking, according to the brand guidelines

Blogger: Create text content for blog articles, whi will be shared on social networks.

Influencer manager: Manages relationships with influencers in the different annels in whi the brand participates.

Audiovisual: Person or team in arge of taking and editing the photos and videos necessary for the strategy.

Ea role requires specific knowledge, experience and time commitment. Sometimes it is more convenient for a company to outsource a social media agency to handle some, or all, of the activities necessary to carry out the strategy. Social media and digital marketing agencies have expert staff in ea of these functions, so they are usually more effective than an inexperienced person, in addition, they can distribute their costs among the different clients they serve, so it ends up being more economical for ea client to hire an agency with all the necessary capabilities than to develop an internal team within the company that can perform the functions in a good way.