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Tips for hiring a digital marketing agency

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

Tips for hiring a digital marketing agency

Tips for hiring a digital marketing agency

However, before hiring a digital marketing agency , you should ask yourself if it really is the best decision. Here are some issues you should consider:

Do companies in my sector use digital marketing? Not always being the one who hits first hits twice: simy, there are times when, due to the type of business or profile of the end customer,it is not necessary to carry out digital marketing campaigns , how to create a social media marketing agency.

What objectives do you set for yourself? Although any action has a direct or indirect impact on the organization's income statement, it is important to be clear about what objectives are intended to be met in the digital marketing an: community? ? traffic? leads? sales? notoriety?

What is your budget? We will talk about this point later, but you must bear in mind that, when you invest in digital marketing, you do so in advertising media, agencies, intermediaries, tools and others. costs derived from content production.

In-house team . Do you have the necessary human resources to manage these tasks internally?

Structure. Who is going to be the interlocutor between the company and the agency? Is there a specific department, or will these tasks be assumed transversally?

Dedication . How mu time can you dedicate to monitoring and imementing marketing actions?

Deadlines. How long do you expect to get results? Depending on the actions contracted, the results may take more or less time to appear.

Delegate. Sometimes it is an aspect that is difficult to manage. Are you able to delegate your digital marketing activity to third parties?

Knowledge. Do you know what the services you want to contract consist of? Do you need advance advice?

What relationship are you looking for? Something long-term (recurring monthly fee) or hiring a specific campaign.

Desired dedication . It is important to be clear that an online marketing agency is not a internal department of an organization, so full dedication cannot be claimed or a reporting as if it were. If you are looking for this type of relationship, you may be interested in proposing an imant model (an agency professional who, in practice, is dedicated exclusively on your account, even working at the client's facilities).

Hiring restrictions. Are you the decision maker, or do you report to another department? In the case of being a multinational, can you hire local supiers or are you subject to global agreements?

Am I going to ask for an exclusivity clause? Keep in mind that an agency does not stop being a supier, so it is possible that it can collaborate with other entities similar to yours (especially if it is specialized). If you think this point may be a problem, address it before signing the contract, in order to assess the different options available