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How mu does a Community Manager earn in Ecuador?

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

How mu does a Community Manager earn in Ecuador?

How mu does a Community Manager earn in Ecuador?

A Community Manager is the person responsible for building, managing and administering the community around a brand on the Internet. It is the professional who is responsible for maintaining stable and lasting relationships with their clients, fans or followers on social networks, how much do social media marketing agencies make.

In Ecuador the percentage of Community Managers has increased considerably. Every day companies see the need to hire a person in arge of sustaining, increasing and, in a certain way, defending the relationships of their community in the digital field, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and strategic approaes of the organization and the interests of customers.

Communication, advertising and marketing have taken another direction, that is, the power of the Internet, specifically of social networks, has become evident, so mu so that in the last year most companies have at least one CM for rea your users.

In the big brands, this sector is also occupied by other professionals who revolve around the Social Media ecosystem, su as:

Digital Strategist:

He is responsible for defining the company's objectives in Social Media, controlling them and developing the strategy, segmenting the targets and carrying out market resear.

Content Developer:

He is in arge of developing the company's content strategy, as well as creating digital deliverables.

Although it is true for the management of social networks there are different experts su as those mentioned above, it is common for the Community Manager to be in arge of all these activities.

What is the monthly salary of a Community Manager in Ecuador?

The salary of a Community Manager in Ecuador depends on several factors:< /p>

If the professional works under contract for a single entity or bills for several companies.

Salaries range from $800 to $1,200 if you work for a private or public company. If you provide your services for several brands, you can arge from 400 usd to 800 usd for ea account. This varies according to the company, the size of the account to manage and the additional work to be done (graphic design, blog, videos, etc).

The ease of a Freelance Community Manager is that you can work from home and take care of several clients, you do not have defined work hours and you always have to be constantly updating your atforms and what the client requests. Here you can review an article oriented to arging models for the work of a Community Manager on a freelance or autonomous basis.

They give added value to their skills, knowing about graphic design and writing, as well as having notions of WordPress and SEO, among others, helps to quote their services.

In payroll work, they are usually assisted by professionals su as Graphic Designers, Social Communicators, Marketing Managers, Public Relations Agents, etc.

Being a Community Manager is a profession that brings with it the satisfaction of making a company known on the network, but for this you must have solid foundations and the necessary knowledge, at Academia Cerebrotrain Community Managers and Digital Strategists who have all the necessary tools as well as the strategies that help you successfully manage your work.

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By: Christian Reyes