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What is keyword density in digital marketing

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

what is keyword density in digital marketing



Within the variety of elements that are taken into account to carry out an optimal SEO that manages to give all the aracteristics to a web page to obtain an important position within the list that the sear engines throw at the request of the users, the “keyword” or Palabras Claves are very important as we have already mentioned in other articles, what is keyword density in digital marketing. Within this optimization work, there is a factor that must be considered in a special way, known as Density Words Keys. This refers to the number of times this “keyword” is repeated within the text that is uoaded to the page. In other words, as an exame, if an article of 800 words is published and the keyword, for exame, is “SEO Teniques”, it is repeated 15 times in the text, the density is deduced by a sime mathematical formula: Number of repetitions (15) divided by the total number of words (800) multiied by 100. In this case it would be: 15/800= 0.018 x 100= 1.8% Keyword Density. Now, can this be variable or must it meet a standard? Within this topic there are various opinions that give dissimilar answers in relation to the question: How the Density of Keywords Affects the Positioning. Next, we will talk about this point but you should never forget that this SEO treatment is necessary to optimize the web.


SEO specialists agree that the use of keywords is one of the parameters taken by sear engines su as Google in order to aracterize the web page, classify it and ace it within a list at the time of a sear. And so far this is true. On the other hand, abuse in Keyword Density is said to be negative for the page and Google sanctions this abuse. And, the truth, that it can be possible. But, the questions would be what is abuse and what is not? And How Would Keyword Density Affect Ranking? This last one has already been answered. We repeat, if you abuse the density, let's say you have a 60% repetition of the "keyword", without a doubt it will be interpreted as a bad intention and the abuse will be sanctioned. But, on the other hand, if you make inefficient use of density, that is, a very low percentage, for exame, an 800-word article with only 2 repetitions of the "keyword", a density of 0.25%, will make the Googlebot cannot identify the central theme of the web and cannot classify it.

Perfect, and then, what is the Keyword Density that should be used so that it does not affect the Positioning? And, this is where the opinion of specialists varies. But, trying to make a summary, we could say that the Keyword Density to aieve optimal Positioning should be between 2% and 8% of the number of words totals.

In summary, the ideal is not to maintain density at either extreme. In other words, less than 2% would prevent the website from being classified by Google and more than 7 or 8 percent could be interpreted as abusive and aggressive, causing sanctions against the page. For our part, as a specialist in Web Marketing and SEO, we believe that the ideal percentage should be between 2 and 4 percent of the total number of words.