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How to use keywords in digital marketing

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

How to use keywords in digital marketing

How to use keywords in digital marketing

How to use keywords in SEO

The purpose of using keywords on the website is that a web page can be identified in sear engines. The huge database indexes websites, keywords facilitate your sear and presents you in sear results, what is keyword in digital marketing.

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a keyword study and include them in the different pages of our website. It is necessary to take care of the number of repetitions of the keyword (density), since Google can detect that it is not natural but forced.

The teniques that allow a website to be positioned in sear engines is also known as web positioning, or also called SEO strategy (Sear Engine Optimization).

How to use keywords in SEM

When paid ads in Google are made, it is necessary to identify the keywords with whi they can activate the ads, in this way the user's interaction with the ad is aieved. But at Google Ads,we are not alone, there are other advertisers also possibly using the same keywords.

Then, it becomes necessary to optimize the ads to improve their quality level. To optimize an advertisement, you must oose keywords appropriate to the context, the same ones that should be in the title, the description and even in the link to the website. It is also considered that these keywords are used in the landing page,a tool that is usually used in this strategy.

An appropriate bid must also be osen. The bid or auction is the value that is paid for the result of a paid ad on Google. It is the way to pay the ad and it is done in different ways, depending on the objective sought. For Google Ads Sear,cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and cost per acquisition (CPA) are used. By optimizing Quality Score and bid value,ads find top positions against the competition.

The teniques used to design, configure, program and optimize advertising on Google is called SEM strategy (Sear Engine Marketing).

Key words in content marketing

One of the purposes of carrying out content marketing, in addition to doing branding, traffic or conversion, is to keep the website up to date. This allows you to have fresh content that is recognized by sear engines,so that your indexing is updated.

When making content, it is important to identify the keywords that will activate them. To do this, you should consider using keywords in titles, descriptions, articles, images, etc.

In this way Google will be able to index related web pages and they can be found when the user seares for information on the Internet.

One way to identify the content and appropriate keywords is to understand the user to recognize what topics they would like to know about, or what are the problems to solve< /strong> or needs that can be satisfied. It should be noted that we are not talking about the brand, but about content that generates interest, consideration and later a purase.


When the SEO, SEM and Content Marketing strategies are developed under a solid keyword analysis > ,all of these strategies aieve their purposes consistently. SEO can take our website to the first aces in the sear results. While our paid ads can take advantage of other competing ads. As a consequence, you gain more visibility and more clicks. And our content will allow us a more appropriate approa with our target.

I would like to know what your opinion is, have you carried out an exhaustive keyword analysis on your business?