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Why is keyword research important in digital marketing

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

why is keyword research important in digital marketing

The importance of keywords in your Google My Business profile

The keywords or keywords in the profile of Google Business Profile represent one of the most relevant SEO strategies to optimize this local sear atform. This way you will be able to appear with the correct phrases for when someone does a sear, why is keyword research important in digital marketing.

You already know that if you have a business that relies on local customers, then a Google Business Profile account is a must-have digital marketing strategy for growth.

But if you're new to sear engine optimization (SEO) or aren't getting found as mu as you'd like for local keywords, then you need to learn a bit more about it.

In this article we will talk about the importance of keywords in the profile of Google Business Profile. We will also give you some tips on how to use them in the best way.

What are keywords and what are they used for in Google?

Keywords or keywords are terms that contain one or more words. They are the way in whi a user writes their seares on Google in order to obtain products or services.

Basically, keywords are the main sear tools. If the user ooses the correct words according to what you offer, your content will be disayed to the person.

To make optimal use of keywords on all digital atforms, you mainly have to take into account that they define your brand. They are allies to position yourself in local seares if you use them correctly.

For exame: Suppose that a possible client urgently needs some wheels for his car and that he also lives in Madrid. This customer seares Google for "buy wheels" without adding the keyword that specifies his location and gets a list of results of businesses selling wheels across the country.

Google is currently reviewing brands that add unnecessary or unreasonable words to their Google Maps descriptions that do not mat the actual business name. Of 50 companies Google took action in 40% of them, giving them account suspensions.

Where and how you can add keywords in the Google Business Profile

Keywords can be added to your Google Business Profile file. You have to enter your file, go to the information window and ace the words that are identified with your stores, in the tags section, services.

You can also add keywords in the questions and answers section, encourage users to use them in the reviews section and in products and services.

How to enhance the keywords of my business profile in Google Business Profile by including them on the websites of ea bran.

To make your keywords even more relevant and consolidate your keywords in the Google Business Profile it is necessary that they be used in the content you generate on your website, being even better if you have a site for ea of your branes. Be it in blog posts, ads, or any other content you create.

This way your business will be effectively reflected organically on ea of Google's atforms when the sear mates.