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In marketing how is personal selling defined

Опубликовано: 16.06.2022

in marketing how is personal selling defined

Do you want to sell? ;PERSONAL SALE ALSO ONLINE?

«Personal selling – ONLINE», may seem incongruous and, in fact, in a literary sense it is.

It is not so mu if we put it in the «marketing» mode, or better, «marketing», for whi we will have to understand the concept first, in marketing how is personal selling defined.

Someone may be surprised to think that, in these times, who does not know what marketing is? I'll try to exain myself.

For many peoe, marketing is basically advertising, and currently with greater emphasis on digital marketing; websites, blogs, online stores, etc., but marketing is mu more than that.

Surely, many fewer peoe will associate marketing with the 4 Ps, product, prices, promotion and distribution (acement in English), and this is indeed the most exact definition of marketing, and for a better understanding, in the Spanish-speaking market, we understand marketing better.

To satisfy the client's needs, marketing does not only use advertising or online sales, but it does so using these 4Ps.

Sales are only part of the "P" distribution, and within sales would be personal sales and online sales.

How then do we combine personal selling with online selling? Well, treating both with all the tenical parameters of the sale:

– Purase behavior. Where the profiles of customers will be studied, in all annels, and how they behave when buying.

– Purase process.. Where it will be treated what are the steps that the client follows when buying, and the different roles that he adopts in that process.

– Interview teniques.- where the survey, the detection of needs, the argumentation, the relationship of benefits and the closing teniques will be worked on. It does not matter if that interview is virtual or personal, IT IS DONE, with the particularity that depending on the annel the different phases are lengthened or shortened, whi, however, have no other option than to be fulfilled.

We would lack all the part of segmentation, anning of objectives and tactics, portfolio risk, sales aievement hypothesis, etc. sections, all of whi must be used both for personal sales and for online sales, of course, if you want to be successful.

So we see that, from this approa, it is not unreasonable to say that online sales are also personal sales, since they use the same teniques and, above all, are carried out between peoe, or perhaps we think that the online sales website is created alone and the buyer on the other side of the network is virtual?

The current and future boom in business relationships on the internet means that companies must understand, better every day, what the essence of business is, and that websites, blogs, tweets, etc., and even, in Purity, salespeoe are nothing more than tools for customer service. Do not confuse the "tool" with the "SALE".


Jose A. Navarro.