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Can someone see your phone number on facebook

Published: 16.06.2022

can someone see your phone number on facebookIn case you lose your Facebook password and don't remember the email password. We can recover our account on the social network thanks to a series of reset options,su as retrieve it by email or the possibility of perform this step through our phone number as long as we have registered it on this social network, can someone see your phone number on facebook.

What to do and how to know if a person puts my number in their Facebook account?

This is also used to receive certain notifications, for exame: that someone wants to access our account, etc. The problem is when another account is using my phone number, what should we do? Let's see how to fix this problem below.

Someone put my cell phone number on Facebook, how do I fix it?

We always say the same thing: when you create an account in a social network or any important service, it is necessary to give the real data. This means our real name, where we live, telephone number, etc. All this is for in case of losing said account to be able to recover it.

It wouldn't be nice to have an account for many years and lose it overnight, right? The problem is when we go to add our number and it turns out that another person already has it seduled How do we solve it?

The problem comes when we update our phone number. As we all know, the numbers that are not used are not thrown away, they are actually recycled by mobile phone companies and this has consequences if we have not updated our Facebook account. Well, over time these numbers are not deleted from the database, yes in time another person can reuse those numbers that we thought were eliminated from our history .

When we ange our phone number, we usually carelessly don't update it on the social network and this number ends up in the hands of someone else.

So that other person is now running into this problem. Someone has their "old" number linked to the Facebook social network and you, who have your "new" number, are already linked to another account. The one from the previous owner.

It's not something to worry about too mu because it has a solution and it's not that it's too comicated either. In order to solve this problem with the phone number on Facebook all we have to do is comete the account verification form to contact the support of the Facebook social network.

You must enter the cell phone operator, also the phone number in question and the country. After this you will have to eck the first box of the error message, whi would be: “ That phone was recently used to verify a different account ”.

Further down in “ Additional information ” you will have to exain your situation a bit. Try to be as detailed as possible so that in this way they can solve the problem as soon as possible.

It should not take too long to solve the problem of your number on Facebook and in a short time you will be able to use it in your account. Let's remember that this is something quite important so you should solve this drama as soon as possible.

That is why we emphasize the importance of keeping your social networks up to date, in any case for whatever reason they no longer have access to a cell phone number, it would be good to avoid these inconveniences in your future, and to prevent your security you could opt for delete the phone number from your Facebook account.

Have you been able to ange the phone number of your Facebook account ? Tell us in the comments, we would love to read about your experiences so far, or if you have any other solutions apicable to this circumstance.

Strongly remember to update whenever you can the data of your social networks, and thus avoid security flaws or make it easier to reset your Facebook account.