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What hdmi cable do i need for facebook portal

Published: 23.07.2022

what hdmi cable do i need for facebook portal

Portal TV: Facebook takes video calls on the social network to the televisions in our homes

In this page we have talked about Facebook Portal speakers. Equipped with a screen on whi to make inquiries or make video calls, they want to be a real alternative to the Nest Home Hub or the Amazon Eo Show or Eo Show 5, what hdmi cable do i need for facebook portal. The problem is that many may think... another device at home?

In an attempt to convince users to have access to its atform, Mark Zuckerberg's company is about to take a turn. Bring your speakers to our living room and integrate Portal into our Smart TV through an accessory to connect to it.

TV is the screen

Many of us remember Microsoft's Kinect,so surely this small device makes us travel back in time, since its resemblance is quite great. An accessory equipped with a wide-angle camera that turns our television into a huge screen on whi to access Facebook or make video calls.

Portal TV, that's its name,connects to the TV using the HDMI port and uses Facebook's smart camera tenology to work. This is responsible for tracking the person while they speak in case they can move around the room. It also offers the possibility of zooming.

Aware of how important privacy is, especially after the latest news about conversations that are heard (hello Google,Ape,Amazon and Microsoft ), have added a system that uses a cover to cover the camera located on the front of the device. At the same time, sliding a panel deactivates the speaker and stops listening. A "whistle" in the form of an LED warns us that the "surveillance" is off.

In relation to privacy, the company ensures that peoe can listen to anonymous recordings to improve the service, although this recording function can be accessed in the apication settings.

To make a call, simy say "Hello Portal" to activate the device and ask it to call a person from among our contacts. The video call will also offer filters and effects already seen in other similar apications with whi to energize the conversation.

In addition to making video calls, Portal TV adds a function that allows you to see what your contact is doing on the other side of the screen. They have exained it by giving as an exame how through the PiP (Picture in Picture) system we can wat a movie at the same time as a friend, seeing their reactions and commenting with them as if they were at home by our side.

The TV can also be used to access streaming video from atforms su as Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, CBS All Access and other streaming services, an interesting option if We do not have a Smart TV, latest generation console or set top box.

Together with Portal TV la, it already has its three smart speakers: the 10-in Portal and the 8-in Portal Mini, whi come together with the Portal Plus presented last year

Price and availability

El Portal TV will begin to be sent to buyers from November 5 for 169 euros. They also offer a discount of 50 euros if two Portal devices are purased. It can be reserved at this link. Portal speakers and Portal TV will be available alongside the United States and Canada, in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

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